Cut Student Debt In New Hampshire!

The numbers do not add up for students in New Hampshire.

Our state has the highest average price for public college tuition in the country. It's not surprising that the average student debt load for graduates is also the highest in the nation. 

To make things worse, lawmakers now want to cut $14 MILLION from higher education. This is not the way to make college more affordable for students in New Hampshire.

Can we count on you to tell New Hampshire lawmakers to restore higher education funding and keep student debt from spiraling out of control? Sign the petition now!

Dear New Hampshire Lawmaker,

Securing a healthy and competitive state economy requires more young people completing quality postsecondary degrees -- improving their chances of finding work, learning new skills, and earning decent wages.

Tuition at New Hampshire's four-year public universities is the highest in the country and it's gone up 35 percent since 2007 -- largely due to the state's meager support for higher education, which lawmakers have cut nearly in half since the Great Recession. These high tuition prices, combined with the fact that the state provides no financial aid for students, leave New Hampshire graduates with the most debt in the country.

To hold down tuition costs, the state must increase its investment in higher education. Granite State students and families already pay for 85 percent of the cost of attending college -- well over the 50 percent national average. Without additional state support, New Hampshire will force students to take on more debt, hindering business creation, home and auto purchases, and starting a family.

As New Hampshire's economy recovers from the Great Recession, now is the time for the state to take steps to make college more accessible and affordable. I urge you to restore funding for the UNH System to pre-Recession levels to lessen the growing burden facing New Hampshire students.

Will you sign?

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