Surviving Post-Graduation depression through four simple ways

Graduating from your degree program is the best feeling ever, it is a day where students are finally relieved from all the toughness and rigidity of their academic life, they are free to party for long and enjoy what they have accomplished in the last three or four years. Graduating day, is one of the best days of a student’s life something which lives in the memory forever, with so many memories and experiences graduation is the perfect seal to your academic life.

However, graduating and moving on is what the reality is all about and when the reality hits students it is not always the sweetest feeling. Students, when come to realize that they no longer have classes, university project or university project help and even courses or assignments to think about rather they have to now move on towards even tougher part of life the career making and struggle part go into a sort of depressive feeling. This feeling of sadness and reality check often is called the Post- Graduation depression. The sooner a student moves out of it and try to get the reality and work through it, the better and today’s academic blog will talk about four ways through which student can work their way and overcome the post graduation depression.

Think about the change

Rather than living in denial, think about the change and accept it. There are many good things to look forward to after your graduation. For example, your financial burden is now relaxed. You no longer have to look after your finances and if you have taken a student load, then you can start repaying its installments. Similarly, you can also think about that dream job or organization, you always wanted to apply and work for, now that you have graduated you have the chance to put up a strong profile and secure a position. Additionally, when you graduate, you also become a whole lot more independent and this is a great thing to have, you can take your own decisions, earn your own money and live on your own rather than relying on people.

Think about working

Academic life can take its toll sometimes; you have technically studied for almost 15 to 16 years of your life starting from your grade 1. Graduation is the change you desperately would need it otherwise and it gives you the perfect opportunity to say farewell to your academic life. You can now begin to work and start your professional career. It has its own merits and success rates, you can begin your working routine and make new relationships at work.


During your academic life, your weekends are usually occupied by academic work, assignments and coursework revisions. Sometimes even extra classes are part and parcel of your weekends. When you graduate and work, your whole routine to chill and party is in relation to the weekend. Your weekends are most of the time free to get your favorite thing done, for example a party at a club or meeting old friends and families and even work out.

You can literally shape your own life

When you graduate you are in a pool of the ample opportunities if you see and approach it positively. With your academic accomplishments and talent, you have the chance to literally shape your own life and future while making it a success story.

A new chapter

After all, post-graduation is a new chapter in life. It is the beginning of something which is even more interesting and exciting once you get settled in and adapt to this change. The post-graduation era will bring more things to look forward to, like a very interesting job, a future family of your own and other successes in life.

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