Mistakes that students make in assignments

Assignment can be of several types and can be either very brief or very lengthy depending on what the assignment is about. Whether you are a senior at high school or pursuing a doctoral degree, you do get assignments frequently that assess your understanding about specific topics you studied. Assignment writing services UK agencies reported that several students refer to them about common mistakes they and their batch mates make so they are able to note them down.

This is the time when you must learn from others mistakes so that you hand over a good assignment every time and obtain decent grades:

1) Instructions:

Most probably, each assignment will have a different set of instructions that must be followed. Not following the instructions is a very common mistake that many students are reported to make because at times the instructions are too many that they forget one or two of them when doing the assignment. Word count, keywords, expected answer length and paragraphs are some of the many popular instructions that assignments have. It is always recommended to keep the instructions in front of you even if you are sure you will not forget them.

2) Deadline:

Although every student keeps a great eye on the deadline but a common mistake here is the ‘am’ and ‘pm’ issue when assignments have to be submitted online. In many cases, students do not know the time format and consider, say, 10pm as deadline instead of 10am. Now when they login to submit the assignment, they realize that the submission is closed. So always confirm the time format and also keep checking the deadline again and again because the deadline may change at any point without notifying, It is the students responsibility to keep track of the deadline because if you get deadline extension, you will be able to do your assignment in a better way,

3) Plagiarism:

This mistake is common among freshmen who are not informed about what plagiarism is. Almost every institute and university owns software that checks every assignment for plagiarism. While some degree of plagiarism is allowed in the sense that some phrases are obvious and can coincidentally be in an assignment but above a specific percentage, assignment will get rejected. In some places, plagiarism is an offence because you are claiming someone else’s work as your own. However, if you copy something from a book or website, universities do allow citations i.e. mention that you took this line from so and so source. However, always confirm this from your instructor or teaching assistant.

4) Off topic: Very often in longer assignments, students tend to go off topic and write things that are not required. This is simply a waste of time because instructors will never mark irrelevant information on an assignment. It is better to keep it short and precise rather than long and irrelevant because this makes the instructor feel that you have less information about the topic and you are trying to reach the word count by adding irrelevant information.

5) Proofread:

You will not want to lose marks on something you know. When done with assignment, assignment writing services UK claim that students just submit it without reading it again. This leads to minor deductions in marks due to grammatical or vocabulary mistakes. Therefore, spend a few minutes after completing an assignment to proofread it so that you do not lose marks unnecessarily.

Now that you know what common mistakes students are likely to make, keep them in mind so you can avoid them and improve your CGPA at university. Even if you make some other mistake, do not worry because you will eventually learn from them.  

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