Four Benefits Of Being A Part Of An Extra-Curricular Activity Group

Every day we see tons of articles and blogs as well as write-ups talking about the importance of education, learning through books, reasons to attend your classes, scoring grades and finishing your assignments. Rarely, there are instances, where do some blogs talk about the other interesting part of the academic life. Areas that will make a modern day education complete. It must be noted that today’s modern day education is not just about books and studying through books to get grades, academia is far beyond that now.

The added element within all this is the importance of using your brains, body and passion to achieve other milestones as well. Being a part of a team that wins an inter college championship or getting a reward for the best acting in your school is something that will complete your achievements in the academic journey. In other words, what we are trying to say is students must focus on becoming a part of one or the other extra-curricular activity group in their institutions in order to learn and do something beyond the clichéd education. There are several benefits to being a part of such groups besides just having an opportunity to refresh your mind after constant academic stress. Today’s blog will talk about four benefits of being a part of a famous extra-curricular activity group in your school.

Exposure to new things

When you restrict yourselves to the basic academic books and learning, you are not exposed to something new. Something that can enlighten you to your own hidden talent, build up your passion or give you a purpose in life. Extracurricular activity groups will give you that kind of exposure. If you are a part of a football team, you will have chances to showcase your football skills, learn football and play in front of audiences. This is the kind of exposure that you will not get by just sitting in class and going through everyday lectures.

Confidence to take up anything

When you perform in front of the public, act in front of an audience or do something which requires guts and confidence you automatically build a storm of self-belief, confidence and self-esteem in yourself. Not only it will help you academically, but also provide an amazing sense of security to you about your own self. Knowing you can do something outside your comfort zone is a great feeling to have.


Sometimes in the midst of all the academic tension and stress, you tend to forget your socializing element of life. Through extra-curricular activities, you get the chance and the time to socialize with people of similar interest.

Change in personality

When you do something different, like performing in a crowd or learn new skills, then your personality automatically changes for good. It has many positive points on your personality and you also learn to be mindful. Extracurricular activities really help students to find that charm, confidence and the way to carry themselves in a positive mode, which often gets lost in the academic tension.

Extra-curricular activities are an outlet to freshen up our mind and body without getting bored even. When one has to study for countless hours, taking a part in these activities is surely going to boost up your motivation level. At the end of the day, you will have better friends too due to socializing.

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