Impact of internet on the field of education

Technology has made life easier and comfortable. It has made a lot of things possible for people that were once considered impossible like an instant communication among people, no matter in which part of the world they are, transfer of information and documents and even getting an education from the comforts of home. The internet is one of the tremendous inventions of technology that has made these things possible. Saying this will not be wrong that the internet has become a compulsory part of life today. It has a significant impact on almost every field of life, including the field of education. It plays an important role in the development of education and provides a number of benefits to both teachers and students because of which its use in the field of education is increasing day by day. Read on to know more about its benefits below: 

Source of information:

The Internet is a kind of library where students can find information about anything. It is an ocean of knowledge where you can easily find articles, research journals and books about anything or any topic. Be it a scientific problem or a historic event, students can get complete details about it online to make their notes and to prepare for their exams. Teachers can also use it to prepare their lectures.

Useful Medium to transfer data:

Earlier, students need to go to school to submit their academic papers or other documents. Students who can’t go to school due to certain problems fail to submit their papers on time and as a result, get bad grades. Internet solved this problem of students by providing them an effective medium for sharing their documents and academic papers online. There are a number of data sharing platforms like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. that students can use to submit their academic papers, essays, and dissertations etc. without going to school. Teachers can also use these platforms to share their lectures and other important papers with their students and also to submit their official documents to the school administration.

Effective mode of communication:

The Internet provides an effective mode of communication to both teachers and students. There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Whatsapp and Skype etc. that students and teachers can use to communicate with others. They can make their groups on these platforms where they can communicate with their friends and other people around the world, share knowledge and information, transfer date files and notes, etc. They can also talk to education experts that are related to their fields from all over the world and get suggestions regarding their studies. They can also conduct discussion sessions to discuss study related topics and academic activities. Teachers can use these platforms to get assignments and other papers from their students, make announcements regarding quizzes and test results and much more.

New mode of education:

The Internet has provided people with a new model of education called online education or distance education with which people can get the education from the comforts of their home according to their convenience. This mode of education is easily accessible, affordable and provides flexibility of time.

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Internet has become the craze among the people these days and even the children are very attracted to it. In the article found in I have read both positive and negative points about the impact of internet on this generation. I think that depends on the people that how they are using it and making the best out of it.
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