The Roles and Responsibilities of Security Guards

Security guards are key to home and business safeguarding. They are instrumental in providing "first defense" against intrusion, as well as in ensuring property and people are safe from other vulnerabilities or threats.

When hiring security guards, many business and homeowners are unsure of the precise duties and responsibilities of these important personnel. In knowing what to expect of security guards, it is easier to assess whether a particular company or individual is suited for shielding your property and its people from harm.

Role of a Security Guard

It is important to note that security guards are preventive, defensive barriers for protection of people and property. They are not offensive. That, meaning security personnel do not pursue or apprehend offenders beyond the perimeter of their assigned property.

Apprehension and detaining of criminals are duties of a police officer or other government-empowered force. Security guards will call upon police when a threat is in progress or file a report when a crime has already occurred. Security personnel do not make arrests.

As security guards are preventive, it is their role to deter problems from occurring in the first place. Such problems may be simple breaches of the property which could cause liability for the home or business owner. Or, a problem may be an actual threat against the person or property they have been hired to keep secure.

Six Primary Functions of Security Guards

Professional security guards know and understand their responsibilities. They realize the difference between their duties and that of a police officer. They also know how to use what legal power they do have to ensure the individual or property they are protecting remains safe.

There are six primary functions of security guards:

Prevention of Crime or Damage

Security guards protect their assigned people or property to ensure incidents do not occur. When a good security guard or team are on duty, breaches of the perimeter or offenses will not happen, as they would without such a force in place.

Visible Deterrence of Crime

One of the most important roles of a security guard is psychological. That is, their mere presence thwarts many threats. Acting as a visual deterrent discourages anyone from committing damage, injury or intrusion of the security guard's assigned property or client.

Vigilance in Prevention

Security guards remain alert and aware of their surroundings. They are present to see and hear signs of possible threat. Prevention is enabled through the guard's ability to remain alert, watchful and aware of any unusual sounds or occurrences.

Observation and Reporting

A security guard will not usually apprehend criminals or people enacting a threat, unless empowered by laws of their region to do so. Their primary duties are to observe and report to police, as well as to their hiring client or employer.

Securing Help and Alerting Authorities

When a crime is in progress, such as burglary or assault, the primary role of the security guard is to call police. Doing so brings law enforcement where they are needed immediately. If a security guard does not do this and instead tries to apprehend an individual or group, the entire property becomes compromised and protective defense is lost.

Cooperation as Part of a Team

Security guards today spend a great deal of time securing properties through modern technology, clearances and safety standards. They may be required to screen visitors or others for property entry, inspect personal effects of people coming onto grounds, and ensure safety standards are met throughout the property.

The type and level of security may differ from one security guard's job to another. However, prevention, observation and reporting are the common threads of all security guards' roles.


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