Useful guide for preparing for make-up final examination

Sometimes, due to certain reason like serious illness, students can’t give their exams on time and they are given the chance to give it on a later date. This type of exams is called make-up exams. It allows students to pass out their course without spending another term in it. In many serious cases, students are allowed to sit in such an examination, which lets them have another chance which they rightly deserve. Follow the guide below to know how to prepare for make-up final exams:

 Get information about the syllabus:

 Sometimes when students fail to give their exams due to illness or some other serious issue and then they are asked for make-up examination, they are given flexibility in their course syllabus. Professors do this favor to students and exclude some of the chapters from the syllabus so that students can easily prepare pass out their exams. So, before starting preparation for your exams, get details about your course syllabus. Ask your professors if you need to cover the whole syllabus or can exclude a few chapters. Know that this option is given to only those students that have some serious issue not to others.

Prepare a schedule:

Once you are done with getting information, now prepare a schedule and then follow it for preparing for your exam. A schedule helps in proper and quick preparations for exams and that too in a disciplined manner. Make a list of chapters that you need to cover, know how many days you have left for your exams. Check how many chapters you will need to cover in one day. Set a specific time for study, allocate time to each subject. Prepare this schedule in a proper form on a paper and then paste it on a wall in your room as it will help you remember what you have to study and when.

Get help from professors and friends:

If you face any problem in covering your course or anything that you find difficult to understand, then get help from your professors or friends who have already given their exams. They will help you in dealing with your problems and also in preparing for your exams easily and without wasting any time. Mostly, the professors are in a better position of guiding you about the requirements that you need to fulfill in the make-up exam, hence, going to them for assistance would be a great help.

Ask friends about their exam:

Ask your friends about the exam paper, who have already given it in the first attempt. In this way, you will get an idea what kind of questions can come in your paper so that you can already prepare for it. From their experience, you can also learn what tactics to be applied to better prepare yourself for the exam.

All these steps must be followed in you really want to make-up for the lost time. Life usually does not give anyone a second chance, but if you are lucky enough to get another one, make sure that you make the most of it!


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