Punctuation Marks You Could be Using Inappropriately

Punctuation is the system of classifying the ways through which a bunch of words, decline into clauses and sentences. It is still not clear that how punctuation marks are required to be used. In case you think that you have got the topic being structured, then it must be worth looking for one more time. Still some of you look for professional services asking for Assignment Help and never found the perfect answer.

Tight-fisted Apostrophes

The tight fisted apostrophe is a challenging thing, which hangs around the ends of the words. The only question comes into our minds is how to use it. Let’s start it in a simple way. For instance, you add an apostrophe plus s to the end of the singular noun such as cat. Similarly for a plural noun, add apostrophe at the end of the word such as elephants’ travel was troubled by the rain. But, it gets challenging with the personal names ending with the letter s or sound s. In such cases, you add an apostrophe with s if you pronounce additional s while saying the name loudly.

Tricky Semicolons

The main task of a semicolon is marking a break being stronger than a comma but not final as a full stop. It sounds easy to use, but it is very much difficult when you link two clauses with a single semicolon as compared to the separation of two sentences. You may want to use the semicolon when two main clauses balance each other and are sufficiently close to each other for making separating sentences. You can use the semicolon to mark the stronger division within a sentence having commas.

Using Colons

The most efficient way to differentiate the colon from semi colon is where the semicolon provides the division within a sentence and colon provides a forward cue. The main uses of the colon are provided as below:

  • It should be used between two main clauses in different cases where second clause is explaining or following
  • It can be used to introduce a list
  • It can be used before a quotation and sometimes in direct speech


The punctuation having a series of three dots and accompanied by a space on both sides is referred to as ellipses. Some styles assist for a space between every point in ellipses. One common use of this punctuation mark is to reflect the omitted text specifically in the quoted passage. Another use of ellipses can be the creation of dramatic effect or ironic effect and sometimes it is also used for representing the continuation of a list.

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