Tips to Help the Elderly Suffering from Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a common disease among the men and women above the age of 65 but men are affected by it more than men. The basic cause of Parkinson’s is neurological damage due to which neurons die and the muscle movement and function. Here are some ways in which you can assist your loved ones.

Tremors in the Body

This is the most common, most obvious and most embarrassing symptom of Parkinson's disease. These tremors spread very slowly on all sides of the body. The movements of senior adults suffering from Parkinson’s may also experience slow movements because of bradykinesia. In such a case, it becomes very difficult for seniors to perform everyday tasks and activities. Homecare Assistance offers the services of trained and qualified caregivers for Parkinson’s home care who provide extensive care to older adults. To save them from embarrassment, their meals should be easy to eat and should not consist of foods like rice or soup which may drop and make their clothes dirty.


Physiotherapy sessions are very beneficial for seniors suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Physical fitness can help minimize the symptoms though no exercise can totally diminish the disease itself. It is better to hire a properly trained physiotherapist for Parkinson’s home care. If your loved one is up to it, you can also take them to a fitness center. Exercising in the pool is also favorable because exercising in water  reduces the strain on the joints and it is easy to move in water. Walking is also valuable for seniors to build up their stamina.

Safety Measures at Home

It is very important to take all the possible safety measures around the house of the elderly with Parkinson’s disease. As it becomes difficult for the seniors to move, some small modifications can be made to provide them with a safe environment.

When an elderly person is bathing, it can be very hazardous even if they are with a caregiver. It is better to put a stool in the shower so that they won’t lose their balance. Grab bars are a must on all the bathrooms that the elderly use.

There should be proper lighting around the house. It is better to remove rugs and other items from the floor so that your elderly loved one won’t trip over them.

Keep all the useful things within reach of the senior loved ones so that it is convenient for them to access those.  If you think that it is difficult for you to handle the situation alone, you can always take help from Home Care Assistance who provide part-time and full-time Parkinson’s home care.


Author Bio:

David A. Waddell has spent his/ life helping people lead more fulfilling lives. Most recently, he has been associated with Roseville Home Care. He is happy to accomplish his passion for improving the lives of seniors through the written word.


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