How to clear your accounting examination?

Finance is a very common academic path for lots of students pursuing higher education. Usually students who aspire to be chartered accountants, financial officers or take up a business and numbers field in the professional world opt to study for their finance degree and courses. Finance may sound like a typical mathematics course, but in reality it is quite different from maths. There are different complexities and factors involved within a finance academic path, just like any other academic course.

Students who are seriously good with different cost and numbers should plan to take a degree in accounting otherwise students who have problems understanding how different numbers and concepts work can face a lot of struggle in clearing this academic path for example, students who are good at history and history project should avoid accounting programs. Usually the toughest part of an accounting degree is the assignments and then finally an examination. Usually when students take up an accounting or finance degree they have gone through all accounts related courses based around different framework and concepts, each giving students a full detail so they can become experts at it. Today’s academic blog will talk about how students can work through their term of accounting degree and clear their accountancy exams in four simple steps.

Learn the basic concepts to understand advanced ones

When students aspire to take up advanced accounting degrees, they should really focus hard on developing strong basic concepts of accounting that they study in their senior high school or college level. Basic concepts of accounting help students know the difference between key technical terms which go on to become an advanced framework when trying to understand advanced concepts. Like the terms, assets and their capacity is taught to students in the basic level, which then at advanced level go on to become a much more detailed study.

Practice with practical questions

The key to learning and strengthening accounting concepts is to practice it like you will practice any other numbers course and that is to solve numerous practical questions. Accounting is all about getting your numbers right through the concepts you learn, so after learning all the concepts your next task should be to become strong with practical exam like questions. You can aim to solve some sample test or past papers to help you get the grip on the subject. Practicing questions are the only way students can learn the way they have to attempt their examinations and manage time while solving questions.

Learn the formatting part

Some accounting concepts like a balance sheet or cash flow follow a certain kind of format as you attempt to solve their questions. So if you forget the formatting you might mess up the questions, which is why it is important that you learn the formatting of respective questions and concepts of accounting.

Be good with a calculator

One area where lots of students struggle during their exams is to properly utilize the functionality of their calculators. Learn all kinds of different functions you can use with your calculator while solving your accounting questions.


If you are an accountant and looking for those techniques which can enhance and boost your results, then follow the above mentioned guidelines. If you are a finance/account students, then you need to spend two hours every day for a thorough revision. Take online help and indulge yourself in the available past papers so that you can take help from the previous experienced material.


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