4 Useful Tips to Write a High Scoring SAT Essay

SAT essays are really important but a student can write it perfectly only when he knows what rules to follow while writing.

A large number of students feel great anxiety when they are required to take SATs and they are right to feel worried about it because SAT is considered to be really an important examination for admission process at most of higher education institutes. SAT essays can be even more of a trouble for students but this trouble can be handled with careful preparation and eventually it brings success to the students.

Highest Scoring Points

A properly written essay can be really helpful in grabbing graders attention and can be really excellent in earning scores. Two graders have the right to grade SAT Essays and each one of them is allowed to distribute 6 points which becomes 12 when highest score is combined. The points are given on organization, paper content, clarity and following of directions. These particular areas are given special focus; however, an essay is also seen as a whole. Here are some great tips which can help you craft a high scoring SAT Essay.


1: Understanding Prompt Correctly

The first and surely the most important step towards a great SAT essay writing is to understand what prompt requires you to answer and you must try to focus on your essay’s main idea. When you understand it clearly, this will help you develop groundwork for your essay allowing you to finish creating a high grading essay. Sometimes, students fail to understand the prompt correctly which leads them to get lower scores. This issue can be resolved by reading prompt twice as this will allow you to understand it in much better way.

2: Including Thesis Statement

When you begin writing, you must include thesis statement in your essay because a strong thesis statement is considered to be the guarantee for high grading essay. When you write a thesis statement, it clearly answers prompt question which helps the grader figure out the actual direction of the thesis. If you include some of prompt wordings in your thesis statement, it may be really helpful for the graders.

3: Including Strong Paragraphs

There must be 3-5 strong paragraphs in body of your essay and all of them should be supportive for main thesis statement. Also make sure to include an introductory sentence as well as concluding sentence. To explain your ideas in more effective and stronger way, you need to have some interesting examples from literature or history. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that including personal stories is not really a good idea unless you are asked to do so.

4: Increasing Word Count

One more important thing to keep in mind is that the actual length of your writing should be minimum 400 words and it has been proven that the students who write lager essays usually get good scores. Writing a short essay will not allow the grader to understand your thesis statement and eventually, he will be compelled to give lower marks. Therefore, it is really important to talk about your thesis statement as clearly as possible.


About the Author

Alison Carmel is an English Teacher at a well know institute in Beirut. Though, she belongs to Derby, she has been teaching in a foreign country for the last two years. Alison also has the passion for writing and because she has a lot of free time, she has enough time to contribute for Essay Yard - Essay Writing Services.

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