From Brainstorming To Revision: Top Steps Involved In Assignment Writing Process

There is a different writing process of every writer that he or she follows. Often this process comes naturally and is not a step-by-step guide to which writers usually refer. But most of the time comes when students usually feel fatigued and start seeking for assignment writing service. But where there are advantages of hiring these assignment writing services there are also some disadvantages. So be very careful when hiring one.

If you don’t want your assignment written by someone else and still want high grades, then follow the 5 steps involved in assignment writing process. Have a look at them:


You are now ready to start writing your paper, then why there is a blank page in front of you? Pre-writing in simple words is everything a student need before start writing your rough draft.

  • Find your data: You have enough of ideas in your mind that you can draw from your routine, childhood memory or an everyday situation. Transfer these ideas onto a piece of paper. Remember your own imagination is the limit to finding your source of motivation.
  • Build on your thoughts and ideas: The two most important methods that help students flesh out their idea are brainstorming and free writing. Free writing in simple words is transferring everything that comes into your head on some notebook without stopping to edit the mistakes, just let your ideas flow. Or the other is brainstorming – write your ideas and thoughts in the center of the paper and start researching all the different directions you can take your project.
  • Plan your work: Plan your work in a way that you have enough of time in the end to edit and proofread your work. Mark important deadline on the calendar to avoid any hurdle later.


Now you have all the research work as well as a proper plan to start your work, it’s now the time to start writing. Remember, this is the first draft so don’t worry about the grammar as well as the word count. Take this stage as a free writing exercise, but written with more direction. Find out the best location and time to write your assignment and eliminate distractions.


Once you have finished writing the first draft, it’s now the time to adopt the ARRR approach:

  • Add: Check out the word count, your professor demands. Does your assignment have enough words that are required? Have you given enough of information to the readers? If not, go back and add some more information so that you have successfully covered the word count as required.
  • Rearrange: Consider the sequencing, pacing and flow of your assignment.
  • Remove: Read the whole assignment again and check whether you have successfully covered all the requirements as given by your professor? Remove passages that you think don’t fit right.
  • Replace: Show your work to someone who has great command on writing and ask them for their feedback. They might be your professor, fellow writers or friends and if they find something irrelevant rewrite it and replace it.

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