Governor's Budget Offers 25% of Board of Regents' Request

From a January 22nd Arizona Daily Wildcat Article:

The UA is taking the biggest hit in Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget proposal, Arizona Board of Regents chairman Rick Myers said Tuesday.

Last Friday, Brewer released the state’s Executive Budget proposal outlining the state’s intended expenses for fiscal year 2015. The proposal includes a two-page summary of higher education funding that suggests a $27.5 million allocation to Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to help even out per-student funding throughout the three state universities.

While there is some funding for the UA in the proposal, it is roughly 10 percent of the $34.8 million the university requested. The $3.5 million would be available only for use for Cooperative Extension, a statewide network through the UA’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences that links university research to Arizona’s community, environment and economy, according to its website.

The UA’s funding request was mirrored by the funding recommendation of the Arizona Board of Regents, the state’s higher education governing board. The board’s recommendations for all three universities totaled $107.6 million.

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