Minimum on Funds – Profitable College Start-up Ideas.

There are many college going students who have the brains of starting a business at an early age but are afraid to do so as they believe that the idea won’t be accepted by the society. Now this is a complete wrong notion as it puts the students into a back foot as well as negative mind which leads to the students becoming pessimistic about themselves. I believe that every college must have a department that encourages its students to start-up a business and be part of the practical world in the college years itself. Becoming part of the practical world by starting a business in college years does two things, which are that it makes the individual aware of how a business is run and secondly, it provides the individual with experience regarding how they can improve their business.

I will highlight some of the ideas that an individual can utilise in order to start-up a business during their college days. The business of ebooks is a long-term business that would bring money slowly but steadily. If the student has a passion for writing, he can write ebooks on topics that are popular among readers, set a price, add keywords and upload them on iTunes iBooks, Amazon’s KDP, and so on. Another start-up that college students can try is starting a tutoring company. The individual can start investing low start-up capital which would help in establishing the company, and tutor children in the subjects that the student excels in. An advantage of this company is that the student can set his own price range depending on the skills he has regarding a particular subject.

Electronics is another area that can be used as a start-up business by college students. An individual can purchase used electronic items, such as phones, televisions, computers, among many others; and then resell them at prices which brings profit. This way, the individual will gain experience regarding how the business is done and what steps he should carry out to improve the business further. Starting a T-shirt company is another good idea. A student can get his idea printed on a T-shirt and start selling them for a low price initially; and increase it as business starts to establish.

There is no doubt that a college student who is planning to start-up a business will find trouble with funds. Therefore, it is important that those business ideas are utilised that are easy and minimum on cost so that the student has to invest minimum cash in the beginning and is able to reap profits later on.


About the Author:

Leslie Donnovan is a counsellor at the Start-up for College Students in Mexico. Donnovan enjoy guiding students via Essay Writing Service about the type of business they should start based on their interests and their field of study. Donnovan is a firm believer that every individual has it in him to be an entrepreneur, all they need is the right guidance. For your guidance, reach out to Donnovan at Twitter or Facebook.

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