Why Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A)?

The trend to focus on M.B.A is increasing from every single day, individual nowadays are keen to focus on M.B.A rather than normal masters or another educational program. The question is that whether it is trend or need of the business market that the trend of doing M.B.A among students has increased to about 50% since the last decade. Therefore, in order to justify the increasing trend of M.B.A among individuals, we will list down the four most primary and basic reasons for this increasing trend among students.

The difference in salary paybacks

There is a prominent difference in the salary packages offered to an M.B.A and to a normal Masters individual. It is observed that the basic salary package that an M.B.A is offered in the market and especially among Multinational Corporation is equal to about £50,000 to £70,000 quarterly that is twice as much as the salary paid to a regular university degree holder. It is the main reason that individuals go for M.B.A in the first place while selecting appropriate Master’s program because they are aware of the fact that they can cover their investment (paid as tuition fees) within a short span of time.

Career opportunities

There are better opportunities for M.B.A’s in the marketplace in compare to average Master’s degree holder. Employers and companies directly target the qualified and competent M.B.A directly from their universities while they are perusing their degrees. Hence, it can be said that most of the M.B.A already have jobs in top notch companies working in the marketplace while they are completing their degree with dissertation help. On the contrary, average degree holders have to struggle for getting high paid off jobs after pursuing their degrees. Therefore, it can be said that it is another reason that individual select M.B.A programs to make a strong academic background for them so is to land on more opportunities available in the marketplace.

Business Network

M.B.A degree holders are exposed to a wide business range in comparison to an average degree holder. There are a lot of market opportunities for an M.B.A in the marketplace in compare to a Master degree holder. Furthermore, individuals with an M.B.A degree are exposed to a wide range of people associated with business sector that help them to gain a better understanding of practice business market that also help them to increase the worth  of their business performance and avail more beneficial opportunities than others.

New Skills and Acquisition

Individual with M.B.A degree are more exposed towards learning new things, tactics, strategies from the marketplace that help them to increase their range of knowledge and understanding of the business world. A fresh M.B.A graduate is found more competent and capable of completing tasks in comparison to a senior employee of the company with years of experience in the context of taking it as a challenge.

About Writer – John Smith is a part-time career counselor and a business entrepreneur with M.B.A degree. He is currently working for his own business and helping students with career advice. 

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