Important Tips for Fresh Graduates to Find Jobs

Nowadays competition is very tough to find jobs in the market especially for those fresh graduates who do not have good experience of their wanted fields. Here we are talking about a cheat sheet or you may say some important ticks to get desire job fast of your desire field.

There are some proved tricks and tactics which we asked from those fresh graduates who get their job of desire field in just few days. You and other fresh graduate students can follow the footprints to avail best opportunity in the life.

  1. 1.   Professional Social Profiles:

If you posted some ridicules posts and updated on your social profiles online then you must delete them first or at least hide them because now you are taking steps towards your professional life. Your employer may check your social profiles and the updates easily.

We are talking about removing silly and un-professional updates from your social profiles it doesn’t mean that we are saying to delete or hide your social activities because your employer must get you active in social channels. Your online presence can be a good point of him.

  1. 2.   Contact Consultants:

This is not that time when you contacted people through sending those emails or post letters. If you want to contact any expert or consultant of a field so you simply Google her/his name and contact them through their social media profiles. Like, Google Plus, Twitter, Face book etc.

Message them and ask them that you have some concern regarding an issue and they will discuss you solutions of them. You may also do their interviews to get some experience from their life work like what they learned in their hard life time.

  1. 3.   Send Customization and Cover-Letter:

You are now active on social media channels. What’s next, you must send your unique and some different cover letter when you are up-to applying for a job. Universal words and cover-letter will not stand you out from the crowd. You must need to do something from out of the box.

Discuss core responsibilities and key points in your cover letter which could be beneficial for your employer. In your cover letter you will try your best to get employer attention.

  1. 4.   Keep Your Portfolio Online:

This is most common tip which we included in the list that you must have your portfolio online because of easy accessibility. You can mention your portfolio to any employer easily with just giving them a link.

You must publish your designs and projects or whatever stuff you have in your portfolio with your name or water mark. If your portfolio stuff not have any watermark then anybody can stole your work and can show it by his or her name.

  1. 5.   Photos in Professional Dressing:

If you are sharing your photos online or in any professional social channels like on linkedin then it must be in professional dressing because professional dressing can describe your personality more serious and attractive.

  1. 6.   Show Certifications:

Share your field related certifications online with validated link that your employers can use it to verify your certifications. If you just sharing your certification as an image then it’s hard to verify for employers. Make your employers HR work easy to get opportunity of get hired.

  1. 7.   Quick Response:

Always do quick response of your employer’s quire to show them eagerness that you are most willing person for the job. Human Resource agents of big companies consider quick response and quick answers of their emails regarding their asked requirements.

  1. 8.   Crack Interview:

 When you go for the interview you must do some research about the company and the job description that you can get an idea about the employer’s question and about best answers of their questions. You can pass your interview easily when you fully prepared for it. You must do some practice to answer their questions confidently and to be like a professional. Un-Professional usually show some nervousness in their interviews.



To become a professional person you must give some professional impressions towards your employers. Be professional not only in your social profiles and channels even on your real life like in dressing and way of talking. You must ask your friends and colleges to comment on your stuff to have an idea about your employer feedback regarding your looks and portfolio.


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Here are few important tips for fresh graduates to find some reliable and perfect jobs after completion of their studies. Just visit to find some interesting educational stuff which can help them a lot.
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