5 Indicators for a career shift

There are plenty of elements that involve people wanting to do a job. Some of them involve the ability to work that post and the other is the passion for it. If people decide to quit after all their years of dedication and hard work, then it goes deeper than that.


It’s like people who are capable of writing stories, but are instead forced to do write my essay kind of tasks. Being underutilized despite having the ability is one of the various reasons why people quit their jobs. Let us look at other reasons why people believe that their present posts just don’t cut it anymore.


1.     You have the right skills for the wrong job


Sometimes people just don’t know what to expect of their jobs as soon as they apply. In order for this to work, you need to have the right set of skills with you. Sure your parents may have wanted you to carry on the legacy of their own line of work, but that doesn’t mean that your heart lies in it as well.


Whatever you work you are qualified to deliver, that is where you will find the most appropriate job for yourself. If you fail to do this not only will you be bored and frustrated, but so will the company that recruited you.


2.     You are now worn out


This point applies to those jobs that are physically demanding. However, it can also apply to other jobs where people feel that they have lost the spark for their work when they first joined the company. Usually this is where the body becomes too old and weak in performance.


Thus people cannot put their bodies out in the open like in construction sites or work overtime at desk jobs. This simply means that their bodies have finally seen the most of their years and it’s time to call it quits. Sometimes, it’s not even their bodies that tell to pull the breaks, but their interests.


These kinds of people have multiple interests who can bend in more than one company. If they have their sights in other fields, it simply means that they have a bigger calling elsewhere.


3.     Your salary isn’t good


Let’s say that you have been working at a place for a year or two and the increment that you were promised from your boss never came to pass. You did all of your shifts, took part in various projects but you never rewarded according to what was promised.


Sometimes, employees want to earn their livelihood but dislike the work involved in order to get it. That work could be something that is unethical and harmful to the well-being of other people.


4.     You are working for unethical reasons


To continue from the last point, sometimes people who intend to devote their services for the right cause, end up working for the wrong kind of people. People, who only make use of your talents in order to harm other people through blackmail and bribery, are the kinds you should look out for.


These are the perfect examples of fraudulent companies who only cover up their underground operations through false advertising and notoriety. What’s worse is that they could end up getting you in the end when all their dirty work has been done.


5.     Your talent and abilities are being wasted


The one thing that connects people to their jobs is their passion as we mentioned earlier. Without it, there simply is no connection or love that binds them to their work. To make things even worse, you could be utilizing your other talents and skills into something that will provide you with even better rewards.


You know that you were meant for a greater purpose and you must follow where you heart leads and where your skills can be appreciated.

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