What Happens When College Students Don’t Get Any Sleep?

Sleep is one of the most essential elements and characteristics of every human being. It is supposed to leave all of the moving and tiring cylinders in your body rejuvenated. Without it, we would just fall apart. However, the last thing we as a student would want is sleeping over our important college lectures.

Sleeping in college is probably the last, if not the only option we have in store for our college life. If we do not put ourselves to bed on time, we are doomed to experience the following college catastrophes:

1.    Pain

Speaking out of experience we know what it is like to experience pain in various joints and parts of our body and trust us when we say, it is definitely not good for the health at all. Without sleep, our body triggers migraine proteins that escalate the nervous system and puncture several potential activities within the human body. Having to walk around your entire campus with this unforgiving sensation is truly a nightmare.

2.    Reduction of focus and awareness

One of the biggest concerns or perhaps fears regarding our lack of sleep for college is our lack of maintaining consciousness and focus in class. The potential feat required concentrating during class lectures and jotting down important notes in our journals falls harder than a rock.

With a diminishing attention span students are not able to give proper answers to class questions or even worse perform poorly in their monthly tests. And, forget about driving all the way to college, it will be difficult to maneuver the human body from one place to another without knowing where you are going.

3.    Academic performance and GPA levels being shot down

Because of their lackluster performances in their subjects, sleep-deprived students’ overall GPA will take a dive right into the earth’s core and go boom. As a result they will have to retake the entire course all over further pulling them back from completing their entire program and acquiring their degree.

4.    Developing strange mannerisms

There are numerous sorts of unexplainable and arbitrary mannerisms that force the human body to act upon such as an incontrollable urge to eat. This is very likely to occur during crucial class discussions and segments that will make you regret later.

5.    Mood swing malfunctions

Going off to college without your usual sleep can take a real toll on your mood swings and have them activated in the most inappropriate of moments. For example, during an important lecture you could burst out with anger if your professor shoots a chalk at you to awake you and you might end up misbehaving with your professor.

6.    Feeling Lethargic

Students could end up feeling incredibly tired and lazy to do anything during lectures if they do not do their body the justice of putting it to sleep. There is basically no point in attending college if you lack the energy to put yourself to work.

Again, sleep is highly-essential for every human…heck, every living thing. It rejuvenates the cells in your body and the neurons in your body, making you feel all energetic again and vigorous. Therefore, no matter how much work you’ve pending in your to-do list, you need a goodnight sleep every day to keep stay healthy. Secondly, it isn’t just you who needs a good sleep but also your family, and if you’re the head of your family, then it becomes twice as important for you to ensure a sound and healthy life of your family.

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