About the Student Impact Project

Decades of state budget disinvestment from public higher education caused tuition hikes and skyrocketing student debt. The Student Impact Project, an initiative of Young Invincibles, aims to equip students with the tools and resources to organize and advocate for state policies that support college access, affordability, and success.

Specifically, the project will:

  • Train student leaders on advocacy best practices and state higher education budgetary policies that impact students.
  • Encourage state policymakers to invest in quality public higher education and prioritize polices that facilitate access, completion, and success, particularly for low-income and minority students.
  • Lift up the student voice among key stakeholders making state higher education policy decisions.

Click below to see the resources we have created for students to learn about higher education funding in their respective states, then head on over to the Students section to see how you can get involved!


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The community colleges have perverted the true grass roots of education with fictional corporation fantasies, and eliminating the student’s (paying customers) rights. I attend Lee College in Baytown, Texas and I intend to bring Liberty and moral integrity back into education. END THE FED.
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Why doesn’t this site have feeds to enable readers, followers to share the information generated by this site?