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Surviving Post-Graduation depression through four simple ways

Graduating from your degree program is the best feeling ever, it is a day where students are finally relieved from all the toughness and rigidity of their academic life, they are free to party for long and enjoy what they have accomplished in the last three or four years. Graduating day, is one of the best days of a student’s life something which lives in the memory forever, with so many memories and experiences graduation is the perfect seal to your academic life.

However, graduating and moving on is what the reality is all about and when the reality hits students it is not always the sweetest feeling. Students, when come to realize that they no longer have classes, university project or university project help and even courses or assignments to think about rather they have to now move on towards even tougher part of life the career making and struggle part go into a sort of depressive feeling. This feeling of sadness and reality check often is called the Post- Graduation depression. The sooner a student moves out of it and try to get the reality and work through it, the better and today’s academic blog will talk about four ways through which student can work their way and overcome the post graduation depression.

Think about the change

Rather than living in denial, think about the change and accept it. There are many good things to look forward to after your graduation. For example, your financial burden is now relaxed. You no longer have to look after your finances and if you have taken a student load, then you can start repaying its installments. Similarly, you can also think about that dream job or organization, you always wanted to apply and work for, now that you have graduated you have the chance to put up a strong profile and secure a position. Additionally, when you graduate, you also become a whole lot more independent and this is a great thing to have, you can take your own decisions, earn your own money and live on your own rather than relying on people.

Think about working

Academic life can take its toll sometimes; you have technically studied for almost 15 to 16 years of your life starting from your grade 1. Graduation is the change you desperately would need it otherwise and it gives you the perfect opportunity to say farewell to your academic life. You can now begin to work and start your professional career. It has its own merits and success rates, you can begin your working routine and make new relationships at work.


During your academic life, your weekends are usually occupied by academic work, assignments and coursework revisions. Sometimes even extra classes are part and parcel of your weekends. When you graduate and work, your whole routine to chill and party is in relation to the weekend. Your weekends are most of the time free to get your favorite thing done, for example a party at a club or meeting old friends and families and even work out.

You can literally shape your own life

When you graduate you are in a pool of the ample opportunities if you see and approach it positively. With your academic accomplishments and talent, you have the chance to literally shape your own life and future while making it a success story.

A new chapter

After all, post-graduation is a new chapter in life. It is the beginning of something which is even more interesting and exciting once you get settled in and adapt to this change. The post-graduation era will bring more things to look forward to, like a very interesting job, a future family of your own and other successes in life.

Author Bio:

Alice Thompson has been writing for the famous online essay help company Do my coursework.speedy coursework for over 6 years now and counting. She is widely regarded as the writer students can trust when it comes to possessing all the traits required to complete assignments on time and devoid of errors.

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Vital Things to Keep In Mind about Dissertation Editing

Editing the dissertation shouldn’t feel like an overwhelming task for the students. With the proper amount of due diligence and time on your part, you should have no difficulty completing this last step before handling the most important assignment of your life to the dissertation committee. Here in this article we shed light on conducting a professional level dissertation edit that will wow your dissertation committee.

Review The Entire Work:

Keep the entire outline plan as well as instruction manual as given by your teacher in front of you and go through each and every section in order to make sure that you follow everything perfectly. Make sure that you have defined key terms and concepts early in your work. Your task is not to confuse the reader. Ask someone in your friends and family read your dissertation, if at any point they won’t understand your viewpoint, then you might reconsider your logic and explanation.

Review Each Section Carefully:

Did you include enough analysis of your chosen research topic? Do there are sections with too much research? Go through the points or arguments again where you could be more explicit. Make sure it should be very clear to the readers why you include each point and how it helps address a problem or question you present in your dissertation.

Look for the content that might look unfit in one place, but might be better placed in another. You can check this by keeping your dissertation topic in your mind and if you think that something is unfit then it is better to move it at some other place or removing it altogether.

Review, Paragraph By Paragraph:

Make sure each sentence in every paragraph clearly introduce the argument or idea you will be discussing. In addition, every paragraph must be related to other and also each paragraph has just one key idea or argument.

When shifting from one paragraph to another, use phrases like in contrast, in addition, however, and furthermore. These phrases will help clarify the relationship between one paragraph and another.

Review Each Sentence:

Following are the two most important things to look in each sentence of your dissertation that might make your dissertation weaken:

  • Grammar and punctuation:

It is very easy to make mistakes whenever someone is writing such a long assignment. Read each and every sentence aloud. Does it make any sense? Does it sound right? Have a look on to the sentence structure. Check out the grammar and punctuation as these are the most important things that make your assignment weaken.


  • Spellings:

Another most important thing that you must look is spellings. Pay attention to proper names and spellings. Make sure there must be correct and consistent use of lower and upper case letters.

By the time you finished editing your dissertation you have read it three times! After your final edit you can be assured you have a standout dissertation in your hand that is ready to submit to your dissertation committee.

Author BIO:I am Ashley James I have a Master’s degree in marketing I am working in a reputable organization as a marketing manager . I love writing and also write for dissertationhelplove since 2010. I also contributes article to an education magazines. Students can follow me here at Twitter, G+, facebook

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these are simply mind blowing

these steps are good for helping us out of stress and the frustration of work load . thanks to the author for the post , this is amazing work 


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5 Simple Steps for Stress-Free Homework Time

Normally stress is the toughest thing that students encounter in their academic semester. This is why many students fail to manage their stress effectively to grow their performance. Therefore in this article we will talk about some very simple approaches that can empower students to handle their college stress effectively. Check out the information shared below to speed up your academic performance without feeling stress.

Prepare an academic calendar

The most important thing that you will need to build to accomplish your every goal in a comfortable manner is the academic calendar. With a proper academic calendar, you could easily satisfy your reviewer by performing every task at the appropriate time. From a report it is come to know that students who plan their every move not only accomplish them perfectly but also enjoy its development process. If you want to enjoy a stress free academic life, then you must prepare an academic calendar.

Perfect research

No doubt research is the most important factor of assignment development process. No matter how tough is your topic you could easily develop a first class project by devoting some time in research session. The more time you will spend in research the better information you can get to amaze your reviewer. It is a fact that professional dissertation writer performs perfect research to get dozens of ideas are required to amaze the reviewer. If you’re also aiming to capture the attention of your reviewer, then you must perfectly research your assigned topic.

Keep homework supplies handy

Make sure to place all study resources on your study table to avoid unusual breaks. It is observed that normally students get disturbed when they don’t have sufficient supplies to complete their homework. Therefore ensure to place all vital accessories close to you to avoid every kind of distraction.

Have a clear goal

One of the best things that can turn your homework time stress free is the assigner’s instruction. Listen to your assigner’s instruction carefully to understand things that you will require to satisfy them. Otherwise you might face numerous challenges in order to prepare a project that can please your assigner.

Develop a routine

Your study routine will play a major role to eliminate your homework stress level. The more time you will manage for studies the more comfortably you will develop your class assignment. This is why it is crucial for every student to prepare a study to develop homework in a hassle free manner.

About Writer: Alison Cerys is a content developer of academic counseling firm. In the present time she is facilitating students who acquire guidance by reading effective advice blogs.

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4 Useful Tips to Write a High Scoring SAT Essay

SAT essays are really important but a student can write it perfectly only when he knows what rules to follow while writing.

A large number of students feel great anxiety when they are required to take SATs and they are right to feel worried about it because SAT is considered to be really an important examination for admission process at most of higher education institutes. SAT essays can be even more of a trouble for students but this trouble can be handled with careful preparation and eventually it brings success to the students.

Highest Scoring Points

A properly written essay can be really helpful in grabbing graders attention and can be really excellent in earning scores. Two graders have the right to grade SAT Essays and each one of them is allowed to distribute 6 points which becomes 12 when highest score is combined. The points are given on organization, paper content, clarity and following of directions. These particular areas are given special focus; however, an essay is also seen as a whole. Here are some great tips which can help you craft a high scoring SAT Essay.


1: Understanding Prompt Correctly

The first and surely the most important step towards a great SAT essay writing is to understand what prompt requires you to answer and you must try to focus on your essay’s main idea. When you understand it clearly, this will help you develop groundwork for your essay allowing you to finish creating a high grading essay. Sometimes, students fail to understand the prompt correctly which leads them to get lower scores. This issue can be resolved by reading prompt twice as this will allow you to understand it in much better way.

2: Including Thesis Statement

When you begin writing, you must include thesis statement in your essay because a strong thesis statement is considered to be the guarantee for high grading essay. When you write a thesis statement, it clearly answers prompt question which helps the grader figure out the actual direction of the thesis. If you include some of prompt wordings in your thesis statement, it may be really helpful for the graders.

3: Including Strong Paragraphs

There must be 3-5 strong paragraphs in body of your essay and all of them should be supportive for main thesis statement. Also make sure to include an introductory sentence as well as concluding sentence. To explain your ideas in more effective and stronger way, you need to have some interesting examples from literature or history. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that including personal stories is not really a good idea unless you are asked to do so.

4: Increasing Word Count

One more important thing to keep in mind is that the actual length of your writing should be minimum 400 words and it has been proven that the students who write lager essays usually get good scores. Writing a short essay will not allow the grader to understand your thesis statement and eventually, he will be compelled to give lower marks. Therefore, it is really important to talk about your thesis statement as clearly as possible.


About the Author

Alison Carmel is an English Teacher at a well know institute in Beirut. Though, she belongs to Derby, she has been teaching in a foreign country for the last two years. Alison also has the passion for writing and because she has a lot of free time, she has enough time to contribute for Essay Yard - Essay Writing Services.

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How to clear your accounting examination?

Finance is a very common academic path for lots of students pursuing higher education. Usually students who aspire to be chartered accountants, financial officers or take up a business and numbers field in the professional world opt to study for their finance degree and courses. Finance may sound like a typical mathematics course, but in reality it is quite different from maths. There are different complexities and factors involved within a finance academic path, just like any other academic course.

Students who are seriously good with different cost and numbers should plan to take a degree in accounting otherwise students who have problems understanding how different numbers and concepts work can face a lot of struggle in clearing this academic path for example, students who are good at history and history project should avoid accounting programs. Usually the toughest part of an accounting degree is the assignments and then finally an examination. Usually when students take up an accounting or finance degree they have gone through all accounts related courses based around different framework and concepts, each giving students a full detail so they can become experts at it. Today’s academic blog will talk about how students can work through their term of accounting degree and clear their accountancy exams in four simple steps.

Learn the basic concepts to understand advanced ones

When students aspire to take up advanced accounting degrees, they should really focus hard on developing strong basic concepts of accounting that they study in their senior high school or college level. Basic concepts of accounting help students know the difference between key technical terms which go on to become an advanced framework when trying to understand advanced concepts. Like the terms, assets and their capacity is taught to students in the basic level, which then at advanced level go on to become a much more detailed study.

Practice with practical questions

The key to learning and strengthening accounting concepts is to practice it like you will practice any other numbers course and that is to solve numerous practical questions. Accounting is all about getting your numbers right through the concepts you learn, so after learning all the concepts your next task should be to become strong with practical exam like questions. You can aim to solve some sample test or past papers to help you get the grip on the subject. Practicing questions are the only way students can learn the way they have to attempt their examinations and manage time while solving questions.

Learn the formatting part

Some accounting concepts like a balance sheet or cash flow follow a certain kind of format as you attempt to solve their questions. So if you forget the formatting you might mess up the questions, which is why it is important that you learn the formatting of respective questions and concepts of accounting.

Be good with a calculator

One area where lots of students struggle during their exams is to properly utilize the functionality of their calculators. Learn all kinds of different functions you can use with your calculator while solving your accounting questions.


If you are an accountant and looking for those techniques which can enhance and boost your results, then follow the above mentioned guidelines. If you are a finance/account students, then you need to spend two hours every day for a thorough revision. Take online help and indulge yourself in the available past papers so that you can take help from the previous experienced material.


Author Bio:

Jake White rose to fame when one of his essays received the first prize in a worldwide competition. He then took on the career of writing essays for students so that they could get good grades. He has been employed for the past year and a half by Custom Essay Services, a writing organization. For more details follow here at Facebook-Twitter-Gplus.

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Simple steps to clearing your engineering exams

So you have secured an admission in a top engineering college and now are planning your way through the academic term. The first point to understand before we proceed is that engineering is a difficult course and it takes real hard work and painstaking effort to clear the degree. The complexity of business degree is nothing compared to a degree like Engineering which means that students need to be both mentally prepared as well as have knowledge and strong basics to ensure that they are comfortable going through that degree program.

Completing a degree is not obviously a few month'stasks. You have to go through different milestones, university projects and challenges to call yourselves a graduating Engineer. One of the most difficult tasks within the degree program is to clear your Engineering examinations. You have gone through the term, you thought you have survived the best and worst part of it and now there will be some relief. Suddenly the schedule for an Engineering examination appears up in your student email. This not only induces panic and anxiety, but also tremendous stress. However, for all scared students today we are going to talk about some points and ways where you can plan your Engineering course effectively and also clear your exams.

Buy all your reading materials

Students usually mistakenly assume first year is not that important in consideration to buying all reading materials so they don’t. They wait for a tough assignment or examination to come before realizing this aspect, reading material should be with them all the time. So in order to avoid last minute panic and stress, it is important you buy all your reading books and materials from day one. This way you cannot only frequently revise your work through them but also will have everything you need whenever you want to study without waiting to first buy and then plan to start studying.

Keep a track of subjects you will work on

During your academic term, you will understand which courses are difficult and need more time while which ones can be done in a shorter span. So keep a track of your subjects that you will be working on during the academic term and manage your routine to study as well revision times effectively in the light of your tracking. You should also plan ahead of your examination so that you can properly prepare and learn your courses.

Tackle difficult courses first

Now that you know which courses are difficult and which ones are easier, start tackling difficult courses first by investing more time and effort.  When you invest your time and tackle the difficult ones earlier on you gain momentum and confidence, which can help you finish the easier courses in no time.

Learn to keep notes and lecture material

Your notes and lecture material, containing all the concepts that your teacher has taught in class should always be with you at any cost. During the time of your revision lecture material and notes help you quickly remember the lecture and remember the important points your teacher spoke during the class.

Engineering is considered as one of the most difficult and complicated subjects offered. You need to have an accomplished understanding and awareness of the subject, which can only be achieved by revising thoroughly and indulging into the details. This is done when you habitually attend all the classes and take help from teachers and professors every day.


Author Bio:

The defining characteristic of Will Graham is dedication and it is this dedication that has made him one of the top content writers in the entire writing industry. He writes on any topic that is thrown at him and never hesitates to state his opinion. Online assignment help UK firm is where he is currently working. For more details follow here at Facebook-Twitter-Gplus.

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How to Excel in High School?

High school is mostly about endurance; the years of constant struggle and exertion actually prove your persistence and tenacity. With the elevated fees and high school expenses and the enhancing competition every day, it has become difficult to stay in power and in the highlighted zone of the high school. It is to be made clear that with the excellent and outstanding performance of the students in the high school curriculum and high demand courses, extra effort is needed to make sure that they are admitted and enrolled in a respectable and an admirable college institute. High school performance forms the basis for every student; the more you put effort and input, the more satisfactory and first-rate results will be seen that can be really helpful and useful for student’s college admittance. That is why it is essential to make sure that you are using your high school years, in every aspect.  You need to do well in high school so that you can easily get into your dream college with hundred percent scholarships. As we know that it is the age of competition more expectations are attached and linked to students in all perspectives, so that they can better compete and find their spot within the educational and academic domain. Rather than taking stress, it is better to opt for options and strategies that are eventually productive and constructive. Face the facts, as students in the high school are mature and these teens are more sensible than ever, due to their everyday exposure. So let us discuss, what you can actually do in order to excel and stand out in the class. It is not rocket science or a technically oriented strategy, rather these are basic and simple steps which every student can adopt in order to do extremely well.

Getting ahead!

Make sure you are following the curriculum of your class. You should be actually on the same page, but if you want to excel and move ahead, then complete the course or the chapter well in advance. This can actually give you leverage and weightage over the other students, as you will be much more informed and well-versed in a particular subject or course.

Pay attention and avoid distractions

Be active and rapt towards the lectures, teacher delivers to you. Try to make notes and write in bullet points so that you can go home and revise. This will make you more educated and abreast of the ongoing and current topic in the class. This will also make you more learned and clued-up in comparison to the other students. If you are stuck in a science project, then make sure you isolate yourself as it demands lots of precision in ideas and perceptions.

Be present for the test/quiz

Try not to miss any quizzes or tests that take place often in the class. This will give you a heads up and will allow you to comprehend where you stand in the field of academics. Grading and testing enables students to analyze themselves and correct if they are wrong, so that the same mistakes are avoided for the next test and eventually perform better in exams.

Ask for the teacher

Raise hands if you are unable to grasp and comprehend any question or a lecture. This will make you more highlighted and exposed to the teacher and a good impression will be formed. The teachers will think that you are more interested in learning and acquiring about new content. Do consult them after the lectures in their specific hours as well.

You can actually feel really accomplished in the four years of your education. Make sure you are partially aware of your objectives and academic goals so that you are acquainted with the path. If you are allotted an assignment, make sure to commence and finish on time so that you have sufficient time to proofread. This way you can stay ahead of the rest of your classmates.

Author Bio: Alice John a gold medalist in Master’s is a professional looking forward for a challenging opportunity in the field of finance. She is currently working as an academic writer with essay writing service in the genre of finance. She prefers writing because it gives her an opportunity to use creative ideas in financial models in different situations.

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Four reasons to go to the library rather than sitting at home for assignments

Throughout the world the structure of academia is very common and similar. Students have to work on different academic courses and assignments in order to progress through different levels of their schools, colleges and universities. However, working on assignments and the approach that students develop to tackle challenging assignments, essays, thesis or term paper is different and varied among different students. Some students tend to plan the assignments properly, schedule the tasks and do it much before the deadline, while some leave it for the last minute and finish the assignment with complete stress. Some students work on assignments sitting at home through computers and assignment help companies while others work with proper setting in a library and spend their days and nights to properly research the work they do.

Not one approach could be challenged as long as it is giving out results for students and help them to academic success and clear university courses. However, what needs to be mentioned here is the decreasing importance of going to study centers and libraries for your assignments and preferring to sit at home to complete them. Today, our academic blog will be focusing on raising the importance of going to such places and giving students four different reasons to complete their assignments by working through places like a library.

Libraries and student centers motivate you to study and work

Sometimes a change in setting and an environment can bring the long lost motivation within you to work. When students sit at home to complete their assignments and get de-motivated libraries and student centers can come as a rescue by providing a platform to sit at a place which is study friendly and full of positive re-enforcements that can help students develop their motivation to study and work on the assignments again.

They can help you find what you are looking for

Sometimes when the assignment is too challenging and you cannot figure out what to look out for, which information, journal or book to use than going to a student center and library can help you find that missing piece? You can stumble across an interesting read or a journal which might just give you a terrific idea for your assignment and this way you can really look for something that you wouldn’t find through other ways.

Libraries offer you companions

Feeling lonely and frustrated while working on a challenging assignment? Take a stroll through the library center and you will see numerous students facing the same hardship as you. You might also find a good companion to discuss your assignment and share ideas with each other eventually helping them both to complete the work.

You can concentrate better

Working alone on a computer can become distracting for you very easily. With different distractions around on the internet and your surroundings you can easily lose your focus and diverge from the assignment path. Sitting and working through such centers can really help you find perfect focus and finish the assignment in an easier more manageable time.

Without any doubt, the arrival of technology has allowed many new features to be added in the field of education. But still there are certain educational ways, which are preferred in their conventional styles. Students need to understand the significance of the library and how they can achieve a much more converged and a focused mind by going to such a productive place.

Author Bio:

There is no topic on which Jude can’t write. Among her other hobbies are interacting with students through her personal blog. She has been in the content writing business for the past five years and has just started working with Help with Assignment, a writing firm which has customers from all continents.

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Credit Score- More important than GPA!

During your college life, it might seem like your whole life revolves around your degree program. It may lead you to believe that GPA is the single most important number in your life. However, most students tend to overlook their credit score, a mistake that can cost them dearly. Here are five reasons why credit score is more important than GPA.

Credit Score is going to have a direct impact on how much you have to pay for future purchases. For example, if you’re planning to loan a car from a bank, you will have to pay higher interest rates if you have a bad credit score. After college while settling into your new life, money is going to be a problem. Don’t make it any harder on yourself than it should be by having a bad credit score.

A bad GPA you can recover from, recovering from a bad credit score is a much more daunting task.  If you get a bad GPA for a semester, or a really bad grade for an academic paper you submitted, you can hope to buckle down for the next semester and get back to the average you had before the disastrous grades. However, if you mess up your credit score once it results in a serious loss of points which is much harder to recover from.

Your GPA is only going to matter a few years after college. After that employers are much more likely to pay attention to your work experience. Your credit score however is going to stay with you for life. Meaning a bad GPA will be an obstacle to landing your first job after which you can put it behind you. Bad credit is something that will come up again and again throughout your career.

Shelter comes under basic human needs in the Maslow hierarchy. It’s simply important. Landlords check your credit score before leasing you an apartment. They mostly prefer people with a good credit score, a perfect GPA isn’t going to impress them.

It can affect your love life! This might seem like a stretch, but people are generally open to dating people with a bad grade, only if they like them. If you have a bad credit history, this means you’re carrying a financial baggage that not many people want to deal with. Finding love is hard enough without burdening yourself with an unnecessary turn-off.

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Financial aid and exclusion from higher education

I have a policy recommendation calls for individuals with prior and future drug convictions, in particular marijuana, to be able to receive Financial aid in light of the present initiatives to legalize marijuana among the states. If the government deem it is acceptable to benefit financially from the distribution of marijuana, then why can't those who have been punished through exclusion from higher education because they sold marijuana now use federal funds, which will most likely contribute to its revenue stream, to attend colleges and universities?

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Financial aid and exclusion from higher education

I have a policy recommendation calls for individuals with prior and future drug convictions, in particular marijuana, to be able to receive Financial aid in light of the present initiatives to legalize marijuana among the states. If the government deem it is acceptable to benefit financially from the distribution of marijuana, then why can't those who have been punished through exclusion from higher education because they sold marijuana now use federal funds, which will most likely contribute to its revenue stream, to attend colleges and universities.

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